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14 Week Private Pilot Ground School

November 8th 2015
9:00 AM-12:00PM


Fly for Fun!

Our purpose and responsibility is to provide our students the opportunity to develop their own learning path with a winning combination of quality instructors and a proven flight training syllabus. Our programs are success driven, cost-efficient and convenient and our facilities offer all the amenities conducive for learning. Click here for more!



Become a Career Pilot

Illinois Aviation Academy (IAA) - is a dedicated flight school providing flight training in Illinois. Founded by an educator and airline pilot, IAA offers the distinction of flight instruction in a wide range of pilot certifications, and advanced education opportunities. Click here for more!




Aircraft Management


Aircraft Maintenance

Tired of your maintenance taking forever, and having to deal with terrible customer service - Let IAA handle your aircraft maintenance needs. For over 15 years, IAA has been in the aircraft maintenance business, servicing single engine, mulit-engine, turbo prop, and even turbine aircraft.  Need and Annual Inspection, GPS updates, aircraft detail, or just some air in the tires, stop in and see the guys in the maintenance shop.   We are changing how aircraft owners like you, see aircraft maintenance - come see how, you'll be happy you did.






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To sign up, call 630-513-2224.
IAA Summer Camp

Basic - July 7th-11th

Advanced - July 14th-18th

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