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Flight Training

Learn to Fly at IAA!


All our courses are based on FAA requirements for each individual certificate or rating and the ‘times’ reflect the minimums that each aviator is expected to meet, prior to receiving their qualification. The following highlight FAA minimum requirements for each course taken; bear in mind that the National average for completion places students at slightly higher training hours.   Additional fees may apply based upon individual student progress.








Clock Hours


Estimated Pricing

F.A.R 61: Private Pilot course


This course is the primary base for aviation careers. This is your initial license from the FAA it entitles you to act as the pilot of an aircraft and carry passengers in a private capacity (not for pay).

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F.A.R 61: Instrument Rating


This course prepares a pilot for flight conditions under IFR (Instrument Flight rules) and requires additional instruction structured towards intensive training in flight solely by reference to instruments.

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F.A.R 61: Commercial Certificate


This course focuses on applying aerotnatical knowledge and skills including a thorough knowledge of aircraft systems.

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F.A.R 61: Flight Instructor

CFI: 30, CFII: 25, MEI: 20

This license entitles pilots to teach other individuals to fly an aircraft and become private or commercial pilots.

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This course introduces students to multi-engine aerodynamics, operating procedures, systems, performance considerations, and emergency procedures.

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Flight Training




14 week Private Pilot Ground school

The cost for this course is $230 plus the cost of books and materials.  

Call 630-513-2224 or email to register or for more details.

Instructor of the Year

Nominate your favorite instructor for the 2014-2015 George Werderich Instructor Desire Award.


IAA Summer Camp

This camp is aimed at introducing the love of flying to high school students.  Class 1 is July 20-24 and Class 2 is July 27-31.


Call 630-513-2224 or contact Brad Leidig for more information.

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