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Save yourself some time by downloading our easy to use PDF forms for your various IAA pre-screening proccesses and general  inquiries; then just drop off the filled -out forms when you come in for your first lesson or rental. Choose from any of the following PDF's that best suit your needs:

For Students For IAA Aircraft Renters Other Useful Links FAA Links


Find out all the basic information about IAA in this downloadable PDF informational pack; everything you need to know about our programs and pricing.


Save time by downloading and filling out our membership application and rental agreement. Then just bring it into our office on the day of your check-out or first flight! (Also needed, Passport/Birth certificate, Driver's License/State Issued ID card, Pilot's License(s), and your Medical certificate.

Groundschool Book Lists
Save time and money by buying your books from our IAA store at the hangar. Here is a list of the texts you will need for your Private and Instrument ground school classes at IAA.

Ground School Book List

Instrument Book List

Prepare to
FAA test prep and Education for Pilots and AMT's. Find all your practice exams here from Private through ATP. Commercial

Sample Airman Knowledge test Questions
What better training quiz than one from the FAA direct? These sample tests are quick, relatively easy to understand and free.

Lasergrade Testing Center
One of two major testing centers and an IAA partner makes Lasergrade an excellent choice. Call them to schedule your exam with us or just call us at IAA (630-513-2224) to schedule your walk-in today!

Cats Testing
One of two major testing centers for FAA exams. Give them a call to schedule your next exam around your location!

Working off the analysis that 'Smarter pilots mean safer skies'. exams4pilots is your aviation community's answer to knowledge tests. With a strong pilot support system for even the toughest questions, you can't go wrong.
Take the practice test, email the results to your instructor, see how you measure up to other examiners around the world...all free of charge with Registration required.

Prior to renting our aircraft, pilots are required to pass an Insurance proficiency check known as an 'IAA aircraft check-out' that will mark them as qualified to rent any of our planes. This check-out is tailored to the specific aircraft being rented but may be tailored to include other aircraft:

Minimum Requirements:

  • 1 hour ground check with IAA Instructor.

  • 1 hour flight check with IAA Instructor.

  • Completed and marked ground aircraft check-out form

  • Pilot's license and or birth certificate/passport and current (unexpired) medical certificate.

In addition to the above requirements are the aircraft specifics:

  • 172M : The basic minimums listed above

  • 172R: The basic minimums above and qualifies for 172M rental.

  • 172SP : The above plus G1000 check-out  form and qualifies for 172M & 172R rental.

  • DA-40: The above, G1000 checkout, DA-40 check-out.

  • Piper Warrior: The above after check-out forms have been reviewed by instructor.

  • Piper Arrow: The above and qualifies for Piper Warrior.

Please download and fill out the appropriate forms below prior to rental. You may want to confirm with your Instructor which forms are required for your specific aircraft.

IAA Checkout Form -Flight

IAA Check-out Form-Ground

G1000 Check-out Form

G1000 Pilot Training Guide

Diamondstar Check-out Form

AOPA Online: learn to fly
Everything you need to know about aviation from a student's perspective is located in this great online resource for aviation beginners.

Air Nav
Airport Information

CSC Duats
Find all FAA announcements and communications here...Registration required.

Aviation Weather
key pointer when flight planning...Always check the weather!

Professional full service flight planning.

target flight planning with up to date sectionals!

Commercial-Web based flight planning service exclusively for US Airspace.

DTC Duat
FAA flight information with graphics...Registration required.

Check your fuel prices and refueling options prior to flight.

Get local and International flight plans drawn up, on your mobile or printed from the comfort of your home.

Do you kindle? get all your charts and documents in one place!...Commercial

Airports en Route
Airports directory for the US, Canada, Mexico, central America and the Caribbeans.

Flight Planning Software for your mobile device. Commercial

Base Ops
Base Operations flight planning and weather services...simply put, plan your flight military style.

Got an smart phone? here's an app for your general Aviation calculations. Commercial

Flight Utilities
Plan, decode and download your information with this easy to use software.

Online flight planning with logbook and the power of Google maps. Commercial

Nav monster
General Aviation's pre-flight website.non-commercial

Flight Tracking

Flight Aware
Waiting on that plane? Find its exact estimated time in!

Flight stats
Track both commercial and single engine aircraft, Airport information and plenty more with this site!

Thirty Thousand feet
Your Aviation Directory

Flight wise
Full service flight tracking with cool Google earth integration!

Flight View
Flight information on the go with neat mobile applications for the tech savvy.

Need the details? This is the site for you...get all the specs about any flight on the go!

Airline Pilots Association International
Join an international base of over 50,000 career pilots in the US and Canada and make your mark on the Aviation industry.

Aircraft Owners and Pilot's Association -AOPA
Find it all here from aircraft ownership to flying regulations, at the heart of the nation's biggest pilot's association. There's plenty of free information but we would recommend registration for all aviators.

Aptly termed the 'busiest aviation hub in Cyberspace...Landings makes for a very neat directory for everything aviation from news to aircraft maintenance.

FAA website
Find all your preparation materials prior to flying.

FAA Medical Examiners
Find an Aviation Medical Examiner near you!

Pilot Licenses and records
Lost your license or need a copy of your records? Just order a copy from the FAA!

Training and Testing
Find out all you need to know regarding requirements, age limitations, and locations for your aviation training needs from the FAA.



IAA Summer Camp

This camp is aimed at introducing high school students to the love of flying.  Class 1 runs July 15th-19th and Class 2 runs July 22nd-26th.

Call 630-513-2224 or contact Brad Leidig for more information.


Headset Rental

Rent our headsets for $15.  We suggest that student pilots and renters purchase their own headsets.  Our rental headsets will be available for additional passengers for the rate of $5 per flight.



14 week Private Pilot Ground school

The cost for this course is $230 plus the cost of books and materials.  

Call 630-513-2224 or email to register or for more details.


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